T.A.T. Info / Scent List

Welcome to Epically Epic! Once again, I'm letting you pick your bonus balm, free with every order of $30 or more. Choose from these flavors:

Blue Curaçao
Cherry Cobbler
Coconut Limeade
Honeydew Peach
Pink Grapefruit Icing
Red Zinger

Please let me know your flavor choice in the "note to seller" at checkout.

Thank you!
♡ ~Allison

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***TAT notes: Turn around times will be about 1-2 weeks. I have made some changes with the goal of a shorter TAT. This will be my first chance to test them out :)


Dewdrops : I have been craving delicate, dewy fruits lately, so I made a blend of lychee, mangosteen, honeydew, papaya nectar, yuzu, and plum, all on a bed of fluffy white vanilla, with a few blades of green grass.

Double Chamomile : My favorite drink this winter... Chamomile tea made with two tea bags, vanilla almond milk, and a half teaspoon of raw sugar.

Fleur de bleu II : The fresh blue floral fragrance of iris, sweet pea, hyacinth, and violet leaves. A re-creation of my favorite, long discontinued, Archipelago candle scent.

Snowbird : Inspired by my friends who spend every winter windsurfing in Baja California. Warm saltwater, Tahitian vanilla, desert cactus, and bay rum.

Wild Carnation : Carnations grown in the ground (not in the flower shop) with clove, cinnamon, cardamom, dark vanilla bean, and black pepper.

Café con Leche : Mostly milk, a little bit of coffee and a dash of vanilla.

I Miss my Garden : The optimistic scent of gardening on a Spring day - black potting soil, green grass, fresh snap peas, spicy carnation, and rose leaves.

Lavender Sugar Cookie : Warm, buttery, fresh-baked sugar cookies with a twist of French lavender.