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I'm currently working on filling orders, including a huge one for a wholesale account, and making plans for 2018. My #1 goal for the year is to shorten turn around times. Near the end of February, I will need to close the shop for 1-2 weeks to get organized, work on a new collection, and make some changes for the better. <3


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T.A.T. Info: Turn around times are currently 2 - 3 weeks.




Candlelight : I have been experimenting with amber scents for a long time, and this is the one I liked best. A glowing amber, candle wax, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood, and a drop of patchouli.


Cardamom Black Tea & Cream : My cardamom obsession continues! This is a deep, spicy tea scent with cream and a drop of honey.

Jemez : Piñon needles, lichen-covered cedar trees, black earth, and ponderosa pines with their unique vanilla scented bark. For a long time I have wanted to capture the scent of hiking in the New Mexico mountains when, above a certain elevation, the desert turns to rocky, lush, ponderosa pine forest. The Jemez is a range of (volcanic!) mountains to the Northwest of Santa Fe.

Luminaria : In Santa Fe our traditional holiday decorations are the luminaria, or farolitos, glowing candles in paper bags. A papery scent with melting candle wax, smoke, myrrh, and frankincense wafting over from a nearby church. Simple and lovely.

Milky Chai : I was at an outdoor party this summer and right at sunset they started brewing a huge pot of chai tea with rice milk. Everyone was irresistibly drawn to it, and I thought, "Is there really anything that smells better than chai?" So of course I had to make and extra-spicy, extra-milky chai scent for my Fall collection. Scent notes are black tea, ginger, cardamom, allspice, cinnamon, clove, rice milk, and vanilla.

Snowy Ice Cream : A softly wintery holiday scent with marshmallow, white chocolate, vanilla and a hint of peppermint.

Spicy Sandalwood : Sandalwood (my single favorite scent), Virginian cedar, cardamom, allspice, and bourbon vanilla musk. A cozy unisex fall scent.

Sugar Cookie : A new version of a popular scent from years back. No lemon, no spices, just warm, buttery, fresh-baked sugar cookies!


Blue Sky : Sweet marshmallow, cotton candy, and fresh blueberries!

Coconut Almond : For the love of coconut! This is a simple, delicious-smelling gourmand scent with almond and the loveliest of coconuts.

Cotton Candy & Popcorn : A balance of buttery, slightly salty popcorn and the sweet spun sugar that is cotton candy.

Green Flash : Legend has it that if you watch the sunset over the flat, calm ocean, you will see a flash of green light as the sun dips below the horizon. It's an optical phenomenon -- blink and you miss it. For this green flash-inspired lotion I chose the greenest scents I could think of, green apple and fizzy lime soda.

Lemon Crème : Simply delicious lemons and fluffy French vanilla whipped cream.

Medusa's Favorite : What kind of fragrance would Medusa like? I decided she would love to wear a scent with sensuous black raspberry, dark chocolate, roses, and smoky Egyptian musk.

Root Beer Float : Root beer and vanilla ice cream. It’s like you’re IN root beer!

Snow Angel : Icy peppermint, mellow gingerbread spices, sweet marzipan, and sugar cookies. This is a bit like Snowy Ice Cream plus gingerbread.

Sprinkles : This is dedicated to my kids, who live for SPRINKLES!!! Like if they see a sprinkle they will go after it like rabid bears! The scent is subtly sweet, light, and airy, just like pastel rainbow sprinkles.

Strawberry Ice Cream : Soft strawberry, vanilla creme, marshmallow, and tonka bean.