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Island Heart: A new collection plus lip tints!

Thank you for your interest in Epically Epic Soap Co. After getting a slow start this year, I'm excited to finally have a new collection ready for you. The collection is called Island Heart and will include several fun, refreshing scents inspired by a trip to Cuba in January. There will be new lip balms, cold process soap, solid lotions, whipped body butters, sugar scrubs, hair mist, perfume, and lots of LIP TINTS! 


The Island Heart Collection will be up at 9:00pm EST on Tuesday, March 7. No need to rush! I will make sure all the new stuff stays in stock for at least the first week (with the exception of soaps), so you can browse and shop in peace.

At www.epicsoap.com and on Etsy at www.epicallyepicsoap.etsy.com.


What is your TAT? Turn around times will be 2 - 3 weeks. Not every order will take this long, but some might. Please remember that I'm doing this all myself and I also have two little children to take care of. Your patience and understanding is appreciated!

Are you still doing the free mystery balms? Yes, All orders of $30 or more will come with a free super-mystery-limited-edition lip balm. I am making new flavors exclusively for the bonus lip balm, so you will get a fun surprise with your order :)

Whoa, what's with the international shipping rate??!! Hi international customers! USPS has raised the prices for international shipping, but please contact me about flat-rate... as long as your package is 8oz. or less it will be 12.59 USD. Get as many lip balms or tints as you want for one flat rate!

International customers please note: Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.


Añejo 7

Inspired by a finely aged bottle of Havana Club Rum. This has a less boozy scent than the real thing, but I picked out the notes dark vanilla bean, sugar cane, and a hint of oak. 

Café con Leche

In Cuba you can either have a tiny shot of concentrated espresso or a café con leche -- mostly milk, a little bit of coffee and a dash of vanilla. 

Guava Pineapple

A perfect island breakfast: Tart guava and pineapple slices with a side of papaya, banana, passionfruit, and garnished with a pink rose. 

La Ceiba

Cuba's most sacred tree, often found towering over the central park in each town on the island. Ceibas have a wise and powerful presence, and if you look closely you'll find coconuts and other fruits left as offerings at their roots. This is a Ceiba-inspired scent with woodsy and green notes, dirt, musk, patchouli, and coconut. 


Always a popular scent. Light, fluffy, and sweet, just like real marshmallows! 

Palma y Pepino

Lunchtime on the balcony! Fresh sliced cucumber, tomato flower and lemon verbena under coconut palm trees. 

Tropical Cola

Fizzy cola with fresh-squeezed lime and coconut milk. 

Varadero Beach

Inspired by Cuba's famous beautiful, never-ending white sand beach. White lilies, saltwater, lemon verbena, and clean laundry on the line.