Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Winter Holidays Scent - 7ml - product images  of
Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Winter Holidays Scent - 7ml - product images  of
Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Winter Holidays Scent - 7ml - product images  of
Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Winter Holidays Scent - 7ml - product images  of
Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Winter Holidays Scent - 7ml - product images  of

Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Winter Holidays Scent - 7ml

Roll On Perfume

Perfume oil goes on at skin temperature to blend with your natural scent. It is more subtle than alcohol-based perfumes, and will actually smell a little different on each individual. I use light, quick-absorbing fractionated coconut oil as the carrier oil for the fragrance.

Roll a little perfume on your pulse points, like wrists, inner elbows, and the nape of the neck. Keep one in your purse, your car, or your desk drawer and re-apply as often as you like – the scent will never be overpowering like some perfume sprays are, and the 7ml roller bottle lasts for ages!

Choose from the following scents. See below for scent descriptions.

A 90's Christmas
Apple Cider Ice Cream
Autumn Dreamsicle
Cardamom Black Tea & Cream
Ginger Pear
Milky Chai
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Pie
Snow Cherries from France
Snowy Ice Cream
Spicy Sandalwood
Sugar Cookie
Toasty Marshmallow

Listing is for one .25 oz (7ml) recyclable glass roller bottle of perfume oil. VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance and/or Essential Oils, Vitamin E.


A 90's Christmas : T'was a simpler time, before online shopping existed, and everyone did their Christmas shopping, Hanukkah shopping, and any other kind of shopping, at the mall. This scent takes me back to the mid-90's... Peach spiced tea wafting over from Gloria Jean's (or maybe someone is testing some Peach Nectar body splash over at Bath & Body Works) and extra cinnamon floating over from Cinnabon.

Apple Cider Ice Cream : A dreamy autumn scent. Spiced red apple cider swirled into creamy vanilla ice cream.

Autumn Dreamsicle : Sweet orange, vanilla ice cream, and crisp fall leaves.

Candlelight : I have been experimenting with amber scents for a long time, and this is the one I liked best. A glowing amber, candle wax, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood, and a drop of patchouli.

Cardamom Black Tea and Cream : My cardamom obsession continues! This is a deep, spicy tea scent with cream and a drop of honey.

Ginger Pear : Sweet pears and ginger, like a glass of fizzy pear ginger ale.

Jemez : Piñon needles, lichen-covered cedar trees, black earth, and ponderosa pines with their unique vanilla scented bark. For a long time I have wanted to capture the scent of hiking in the New Mexico mountains when, above a certain elevation, the desert turns to rocky, lush, ponderosa pine forest. The Jemez is a range of (volcanic!) mountains to the Northwest of Santa Fe.

Luminaria : In Santa Fe our traditional holiday decorations are the luminaria, or farolitos, glowing candles in paper bags. A papery scent with melting candle wax, smoke, myrrh, and frankincense wafting over from a nearby church. Simple and lovely.

Milky Chai : I was at an outdoor party this summer and right at sunset they started brewing a huge pot of chai tea with rice milk. Everyone was irresistibly drawn to it, and I thought, "Is there really anything that smells better than chai?" So of course I had to make and extra-spicy, extra-milky chai scent for my Fall collection. Scent notes are black tea, ginger, cardamom, allspice, cinnamon, clove, rice milk, and vanilla.

Pumpkin Patch : For patchouli lovers only... My usual pumpkin pie scent spiked with two-year-aged golden patchouli.

Pumpkin Pie : Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, with notes of vanilla whipped cream and pie crust, like a sweet slice of pumpkin pie. Yes!

Snow Cherries from France : Snow Cherries from France ~ Ripe red cherries, snow taffy, sweet almond, white chocolate, and a drop of Bordeaux.

Snowy Ice Cream : A softly wintery holiday scent with marshmallow, white chocolate, vanilla and a hint of peppermint.

Snowdrop : A pretty, floral alternative to all the gourmand scents of the season. Snowdrop is a slightly sweet, clean scent with white flowers, water, ozone, mint, and fresh snow.

Spicy Sandalwood : Sandalwood (my single favorite scent), Virginian cedar, cardamom, allspice, and bourbon vanilla musk. A cozy unisex fall scent.

Sugar Cookie : A new version of a popular scent from years back. No lemon, no spices, just warm, buttery, fresh-baked sugar cookies!

Toasty Marshmallow : Gooey marshmallows toasting over a cedar wood campfire with a swirl of nag champa incense.

Zarzamora : Rich blackberries, woodsmoke and a few drops of black pepper essential oil. Zarzamora is the Spanish word for blackberry -- such a great word!