Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body - Choose a scent - product image

Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body - Choose a scent

Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body~

A sprayable hydrating body mist with a blend of antioxidant rich oils and vitamin E that leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smelling epic. Spray on wet or dry hair to boost shine and fight frizz. It's perfect to use as a light perfume or for layering with my other scented products.

Shake well! Mist all over your body for light, non-greasy moisture. Spray a little hydrating mist on wet hair and comb through, concentrating on the ends, or spritz on dry hair for a boost of shine and fragrance. It made my curly hair shiny, soft, and smooth.

Choose from the following scents. See below for scent descriptions.

Añejo 7
Café con Leche
Guava Pineapple
La Ceiba
Palma y Pepino
Tropical Cola
Varadero Beach

Listing is for one 2.5 oz. recyclable aluminum bottle of hydrating mist.

100% VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Argan Oil, Cyclomethicone, Jojoba, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Olive Squalane, Fragrance and/or Essential Oils, Vitamin E.


Añejo 7: Inspired by a finely aged bottle of Havana Club Rum. This has a less boozy scent than the real thing, but I picked out the notes dark vanilla bean, sugar cane, and a hint of oak.

Café con Leche: In Cuba you can either have a tiny shot of concentrated espresso or a café con leche -- mostly milk, a little bit of coffee and a dash of vanilla.

Guava Pineapple: A perfect island breakfast: Tart guava and pineapple slices with a side of papaya, banana, passionfruit, and garnished with a pink rose.

La Ceiba: Cuba's most sacred tree, often found towering over the central park in each town on the island. Ceibas have a wise and powerful presence, and if you look closely you'll find coconuts and other fruits left as offerings at their roots. This is a Ceiba-inspired scent with woodsy and green notes, dirt, musk, patchouli, and coconut.

Marshmallow: Always a popular scent. Light, fluffy, and sweet, just like real marshmallows!

Palma y Pepino: Lunchtime on the balcony! Fresh sliced cucumber, tomato flower and lemon verbena under coconut palm trees.

Tropical Cola: Fizzy cola with fresh-squeezed lime and coconut milk.

Varadero Beach: Inspired by Cuba's famous beautiful, never-ending white sand beach. White lilies, saltwater, lemon verbena, and clean laundry on the line.