Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body - Choose a scent - product image

Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body - Choose a scent

Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body~

A sprayable hydrating body mist with a blend of antioxidant rich oils and vitamin E that leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smelling epic. Spray on wet or dry hair to boost shine and fight frizz. It's perfect to use as a light perfume or for layering with my other scented products.

Shake well! Mist all over your body for light, non-greasy moisture. Spray a little hydrating mist on wet hair and comb through, concentrating on the ends, or spritz on dry hair for a boost of shine and fragrance. It made my curly hair shiny, soft, and smooth.

Choose from the following scents. See below for scent descriptions.

Blue Moon
Cherry Blossom
Coconut Almond
Ginger Ale
I Love Lychee
Key Lime Pie
Lemon Crème
Rainbow Sherbet
Remarried to the Sea
Seaside Lavender
Snow Cone
Turkish Delight
Wild Strawberry Tea

Listing is for one 2.5 oz. recyclable aluminum bottle of hydrating mist.

100% VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Argan Oil, Cyclomethicone, Jojoba, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Olive Squalane, Fragrance and/or Essential Oils, Vitamin E.


Cherry Blossom: My version of cherry blossom with powdery florals, rose, ylang ylang, magnolia, marshmallow, and hints of cherry, peach and red apple.

Coconut Almond: For the love of coconut! This is a simple, delicious-smelling gourmand scent with almond and the loveliest of coconuts.

I Love Lychee: It is difficult to describe the scent of the South Asian lychee fruit, but once you try it you will never forget its delicate, dewy fragrance. It's my favorite fruit scent ever!

Lemon Crème: Simply delicious lemons and fluffy French vanilla cream.

Remarried to the Sea: This is an updated version of a scent from a few years ago that was called Married to the Sea. It now has sea salt, seagrass, a refreshing citrus blend with lots of white grapefruit, and tropical coconut.

Seaside Lavender: An updated, more subtle, version of a scent from a few years ago. French lavender fields, ocean air, sea salt, and a hint of coconut.

Snow Cone: Sweet cherry-watermelon popsicle syrup, blue raspberry, and citrus.

Turkish Delight: Sweetened rosewater, powdered sugar, and a little bit of pistachio.

Violet-mallows: My marshmallow scent blended with flowery violet blossoms.

Wild Strawberry Tea: Iced tea with ripe red strawberries and a slice of lemon, garnished with a green strawberry leaf.